Breaking Good

Breaking Good: The Counter Culture of Christian Film

A feature length documentary on Christian films, filmmakers, and fans.

A personal look at independent Christian filmmaking. Film has existed a relatively short while as a medium. In that short time, it has had a great impact on every society and culture it has touched, for better and worse. Christianity has in some ways been a part of film history from almost the beginning but now is seen more as an outside force trying to hijack popular culture.

Making and being in and a part of movies has been a dream for many, Christians included. Christian filmmakers are people trying to fulfill a dream but with an added sense of purpose. This is the story of Christians in film who choose to go their own way. They don’t go to Hollywood but they attempt to make their own Hollywood. Independent filmmaking is a tough road and for Christian independent filmmakers, that path has its own unique set of challenges. However, it can also be seen as a mission. Writers, actors, producers, they all want to be creative for a cause. For many that means using their God-given talents and desires without compromising their beliefs. But every actor, every writer, every director, every dreamer has their own reasons for doing what they do. A dream is a simple thing but life can be complicated.

This is the story of what it’s like to try to make it as an independent Christian filmmaker. We’ll explore the story of Christian filmmaking on a personal level but also examine how we got to where we are by looking at the early days of Hollywood to some of the more recent break out Christian hits. We’ll go behind the scenes and talk to filmmakers, actors, and fans on a variety of levels to find out why these people do what they do and find out what it really takes to be successful.

What struggles do these filmmakers face that make them similar and different from their mainstream counterparts? Do the critics of Christian films have a point about their quality concerns? Do Christian films have an agenda and should they? Can Christian films compete without sacrificing something? Can independent Christian filmmakers break the Hollywood mold? The film industry is going through tremendous changes but where does this leave Christians? Will they have a place as a subculture or a Hollywood competitor, or will they fade away? Is Family Friendly something different from Christian films? These are the questions we’ll explore as we also tell the story behind the story makers. We’ll cover the history and meet with those on the journey.


We’ll use a small crowdfunding campaign for our initial budget to go out and capture interviews and get started. We will be using Indiegogo, check out our campaign here. Our initial goal is $4,500.


Research and Development – 2016
Crowdfunding – March 2017
Additional Planning – April 2017
Interviews and footage – April – October 2017
Editing – April – December 2017
Completion – February 2018


We’d like to list our first partner organization who is helping to co-produce our film.