Building Better Christian Films

Our goal is to make entertaining Christian films that share the Gospel. But our strategy is in building better Christian films. What does that mean? Sadly, if you do a search on Christian films, a re-occurring theme that you’ll find is “why are Christian movies so bad?” There are a lot of reasons for this theme, and we’ve covered the idea before, but largely this idea that Christian films aren’t as good as secular films is a perception based in truth. There are some great Christian films but they are few and too far between at the moment.

This strategy of building better Christian films is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1) Tell a strong story. All of our films focus on telling a good, strong story. A good story is the key to a good movie and the key to sharing truth in a way that resonates with people.

Step 2) Stay true to our values. We’re not here just to make films, but films that share the most important truths in the world. We will not compromise our Christian values in our films.

Step 3) Get better. With every film we learn and grow and get better and incorporate that into what we do. We strive to constantly learn and improve.

With these three steps, we are making better Christian films and you can join us.

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