A Film Whose Time Has Not Yet Come

We created a Kickstarter campaign for this ambitious project. It was a little too ambitious for it’s time. You can see the campaign and the video we created for it here on Kickstarter. Below are all the details of the story and the project.

The Story: For Such a Time

Peter, an ex-con in search of a trouble-free life, moves to the small, forgotten town of Progress. Unbeknownst to Peter, the town is looking to revitalize by allowing developers to build a large resort there.  He befriends 13-year-old Jonah, who is haunted by troubling visions of spiritual beings, and Gary, a reclusive ex-pastor who is trying to convince the money-strapped townsfolk to keep from building the resort.

Peter soon discovers something much bigger is going on that could destroy the town and the peaceful life he was seeking. Even with the help of news-reporter Samantha Silver, Peter still can’t quite piece it all together. When a local teenage girl goes missing, few people seem to care, but the fight for the future of the town rages on. Everything is connected, but how? Peter can’t see the solution to this mystery, even though it is right in front of him.  There is an unseen battle taking place, one that Peter can’t win, but somehow he must.

What is this all about?

Kickstart the battle is our campaign to raise money through crowdfunding to make our next film. We’re using the popular Kickstarter platform because it’s the industry leader for crowdfunding and we’ve successfully used it for our previous project Masquerade. If you don’t know what crowdfunding is, basically it’s asking people to donate to get a project/product made, usually one that would not otherwise come to life. In return, for donations the creator usually offers different rewards for various levels of donations. In Kickstarter, the donations are called pledges because you pledge the amount you want to give at the appropriate reward level but if the project isn’t fully funded by the set date no money changes hands and the project doesn’t come to life.

Duration30 days
DateStarting April 9, 2016
Amount needed$117,000

The Rewards:

Creators usually offer anything from a sincere thank you on their Facebook page, to various types of the product they’re making, all the way up to packages that include one of a kind items and special recognition. By far the thing that people want the most, is the product itself. People have come to see crowdfunding as a place to get cool products for a good price on the ground floor. Crowdfunding is also an opportunity where you can help things come to life that you think need to happen.

When giving out rewards though creators have to be careful not to promise so much that they aren’t able to complete their project. We believe in this project and we believe you will too. So we are going to offer a wide variety of rewards from behind-the-scenes access to props from the film but everyone who donates at least $1 will get a chance to see the film. We’ll be offering DVD’s and Blu-Ray copies of the film at different reward levels but everyone who donates at least $1 will get a link to watch the finished movie.

The Budget:

We’ve learned to stretch the money we get as far as possible, while still working hard to make good films. This budget will take our filmmaking to the next level, a level of quality that we think you’ll appreciate. The budget, however, is still very small compared to most other films and while this represents our ability to do a lot with the money we’ve been entrusted with, we also believe we can make a great entertaining, relevant film at this level. We believe a good story is the foundation for any good film and that’s where our focus will be.

Why this kind of movie?

Many of us here at CWA have enjoyed Frank Perreti’s special kinds of stories that often involve spiritual warfare. However, very few of these kinds of stories are told in film and not from a Christian perspective. We think it’s time for that to change. Spiritual warfare stories represent the greatest kind of stories of good vs evil. The Bible tells us these battles are real and that we as believers should prepare for them. That’s why we want to tell this story, to get people excited, and prepared while telling a great story. We want people to watch the film and think of the underlying story as amazing but also one that’s true in their own life.

In conjunction with our plan to make this film, we wanted to share other people’s experiences with spiritual warfare. So we created

The Spirit Project.