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Homecoming is a story about forgiveness and acceptance. God accepts us how we are and forgives us for all of our mistakes, even when we don’t want to forgive ourselves.

Sometimes in life you experience something that has such an impact on you that it changes your life forever. This change can be positive or negative; it all depends on how you respond. It is often easy to run away from everything when your life is turned upside down, everything you thought was important no longer seems to matter. Coming back home however, can seem much harder.



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Jason is a genius programmer and all-around computer geek. Except for his long time friend Julia, the people around him have no idea how smart he actually is. Jason is only performing at a fraction of the level he could and does just enough to get by at work, without anyone looking deeper. Even though Jason’s life is a mess on the inside, he’s comfortable with how things are. However, when confronted with his past, Jason’s world really starts to fall apart. It’s never too late to go home, but will Jason let God do a work in him or will he continue down the road to destruction.


We starting production of Homecoming in 2010 and wrapped up in 2011. It was our first feature film. Our total budget was just under $20,000. We had just wrapped our radio drama A Work In Progress and decided to move into films. It was always our intention to branch into other media besides radio, but in the beginning we weren’t prepared. After Progress we weren’t fully prepared either however. But after watching the success of  Sherwood Pictures, Facing the Giants we saw that Christian films were move viable by smaller independent companies with limited finances.

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Left-Will Eastham Right-Dante Sheppard

Here is a little background for those who don’t know about Sherwood Pictures. It was started by the Kendrick brothers, Pastors at Sherwood Baptist Church. It began as part of the church. They made their first film, Flywheel  for about $20k, mostly to show to their church. They had success and the film was shown in local theaters and available for rent at local video stores. As a follow up they made Facing the Giants with an initial budget of roughly $100k, with the help of accomplished producer David Nixon.

We had hoped with our nearly ten years of radio experience and the success of Sherwood we could start on a similar path. We learned a lot of lessons making Homecoming and we’re proud of it. However, we learned just how hard it is too make any movie especially without the benefit of many years of experience. As hard as that was, distributing a film is even harder. Getting the right people to bet that you’re film can make money and is worth investing their time and efforts is no small task. Homecoming was only self distributed and shown on several local television stations.

You can buy Homecoming on DVD through the film’s website below.


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