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Homecoming is a story about forgiveness and acceptance. God accepts us how we are and forgives us for all of our mistakes, even when we don’t want to forgive ourselves.

Sometimes in life you experience something that has such an impact on you that it changes your life forever. This change can be positive or negative; it all depends on how you respond. It is often easy to run away from everything when your life is turned upside down, everything you thought was important no longer seems to matter. Coming back home however, can seem much harder.


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Simon, a young boy mature beyond his age sees the world without pretense. He realizes that adults complicate things more than necessary, hide behind masks and are less than honest with each other when it comes to their true character. Chris (Simon’s father) is the assistant Pastor at his church and struggles at times to manage his own busy life while dealing with those around him who seem phony. If Chris wants to really make a difference, he has to learn how to start with himself.


Masquerade was C WA’s follow up film after Homecoming. Masquerade was the product of a kickstarter crowdfunding project. It was always envisioned to be a short film but we decided to also give it some practicality by making into a Bible study. So included on the DVD is a Bible study on PDF you can print out. There are questions to go along with each chapter. Normally independent filmmakers make a number of short films before tackling a feature but we made our first short as our second film.  We did this to help grow our experience and put to work some of the lessons we learned about filmmaking from Homecoming. We wanted to tell a short story about being real and Masquerade was developed out of a script that was originally called R U 4 real?  The story took several different turns but always had the idea of showing how we put on masks and hide our true selves from others.

Masquerade filming

Masquerade production shot – The birthday party.

From the Dove review

“Masquerade” is a terrific story about the masks that people sometimes wear and that removing the mask is the best way to face the truth. The full review is on Dove.com

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