What About All the Problems in the World?

As I’ve been reminded by looking at Facebook for just a few minutes, there are real problems in this world. We have homelessness, racism, division, and a drug epidemic just to name a few. There’s political, racial, economic and even religious division. In a world like this where there are so many problems, where does something like a movie fit in?

I can’t lie, I feel bad when I think about all that I have and how little many people all over the world have. I don’t have any easy answers for this. I believe God gives us all different gifts and blesses us differently. I also believe we’re responsible for what God gives us. He doesn’t expect us to bury our treasure.

Having said all that, what good is a movie? While we all need time to relax from life, we’re hoping to make more than just movies. The Gospel itself is the hope of the world because Jesus is the answer. By making movies we’re not out to claim that’s the only or best way for evangelism either. However, the Gospel is what motivates us and others to make Christian films. We believe that everyone needs to be reached and people are reached differently. It’s our goal with films to reach people with the truth and also to edify and encourage Christians and non-believers as well. Even Christians who have the hope of the Gospel, at times need to be encouraged by other believers.

So when it comes to asking for financial support for Christian films, at times I do feel guilty but I also feel that is what God has called us to do and that He will use it for His glory. Our goal is to help share God’s truth, to encourage people and to help make a better world.

If you feel called to share your treasure to help make a difference through Christian films, we sincerely appreciate your blessing us to be able to bless others.

Thank you,

Larry Amon

President Christian Walk Alive


Our film campaign has just over a few weeks to go. If you would like to learn more, you can go to www.breakinggoodfilm.net


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